Our candles are curated by our team to bring the best smelling aroma to fill the home. Who says home fragrance can't be safe to? Pure Perfection Candles are hand poured with our custom blend of natural waxes and fine fragrances. We offer a product that's non-toxic, slow burning and will bring comfort to any home.

Candle Making Bar

Embrace the inner candle maker in you. Join us at the candle making bar. We offer on sight candle making fun for singles and more. Enjoy your date night, birthday or any other special occasion with us.

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  • Reed Diffuser

    Our Pure Perfection Reed Diffuser will make a great addition to your home as they are all infused with essential oils. They last from up to 3 month of freshness and are perfect for any space.

  • Travel Candles

    Perfect for small and compact areas, great for traveling from place to place. Small but powerful and will fragrance up the entire space. 

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Visit us at our flagship located in West County Center. We are located on the second floor next door to Nordstrom.